The electronic security includes Technics and technologies relating to the electronics and related domains like automation, computer science, telecommunication that are used for the protection of people and their belongings. In this domain we offer the following services :

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Camera surveillance

With one or more camera mounted
inside or outside or at both of the
places to be covered; via an sms or
ring tone (bell) we will alert you from
any abnormal situation or unusual
movement .

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Access control

As it is always important to protect and
control the access to your company,
house or office etc, based on that we
offer you three ways of access:Pass word, Access card, Finger print.

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Alarm System

We can also install for you an alarm
system that can alert you on an
unusual situation by using sensitive
sensors at any corner or point of

We can facilitate you a direct and constant contact with a security company for an appropriate intervention
in case of an abnormal situation in your estates, house, offices etc

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