About Us

About Us

about us

Started in September 2017, Baron Projects is a
professional electrical contractor working in
electronic and electrical fields, physically based
in Johannesburg at:S

We engage to use our human materials and financial
resources in order to offer technicians and electrical
contractors services of quality.

Our services are set on the commercial, industrial and residential construction,
with a group composed of qualified technicians disposed to answer to all the needs and
projects concerning the works given to please the clients all over South Africa.

OUR Goals

To ensure that we are and we will always be open to our
clients needs and provide quality services according to
the agreed date and time; that the Baron Projects goals.


Our main vision is to always keep our values in order to
be able to offer in the future more professional and
ingenious services such as: Instillation, Programming and
Maintenance of programmable logic control (PLC).

Our other vision is to go as well behind our borders and to make the all
African continent beneficiary of our clever and competent services.


Respect and satisfaction of our clients




Taking proud in our work


Each person working for Baron Projects has to engage to  Comply with the company vision to actively participate to it Participate to the realisation of goals targeting the improvement of the social domain of the company in the future Create and encourage attitudes and behaviour that promote the inner cohesion of different groups within the company for a common purpose, Establish trust and confidence in the work environment by fight.


Each person working for Baron Projects has to engage to: Avoid all discriminatory practices, Assist his fellow workers in both good and bad moments of life;
Banish individualism


Each person working for Baron Projects has to engage to Master and apply the norms, the procedures and the operating modes at his disposal to fulfil his tasks Actively seek the enforcement of his or her capacity by means of information and training. Use rationally the available resources and obtain the maximum results Proceed periodically to a self-evaluation of his performances and to submit himself or herself to the obligation of reporting; Contribute to the continual amelioration of company.

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