About Us

We started in September 2017, Baron Projects is a professional electrical

contractor working in electronic and electrical fields, physically based

in Johannesburg 

Our services are set on the commercial, industrial and residential

construction, with a group composed of qualified technicians

disposed to answer to all the needs and projects concerning the

works given to please the clients all over South Africa


We engage to use our human materials and financial resources in

order to offer technicians and electrical contractors services of quality


Our main vision is to always keep our values in order to be able to

offer in the future more professional and ingenious services such as:


Programming and

Maintenance of programmable logic control (PLC).

Our other vision is to go as well behind our borders and to make the

all African continent beneficiary of our clever and competent services.


To ensure that we are and we will always be open

to our clients needs and provide quality services according to the

agreed date and time; that the Baron Projects goals.


We agreed on some moral principles that reflect

our vision and on which Baron Projects is based to evaluate and take it

strategic decisions.

Our 5 moral principles:

Respect and satisfaction of our clients




Taking pride in our work

Respect and satisfaction of our clients

Each person working for Baron Projects has to engage to:

Permanently listen to the client’s preoccupations whose satisfaction

is one of the actual and future company goals

Show courtesy in the written, oral and gesture language toward

the clients 

Always be sincere and always be on point physically and dress


Evaluate the level of the clientele’s satisfaction and to correct

all noticed weaknesses 

Provide a quality service.

Electronic security


The electronic security includes technics and technologies relating to the electronics and related domains like automation, computer science, telecommunication that are used for the protection of people and their belongings. In this domain we offer the following services :

Camera surveillance With one or more camera mounted inside or outside or at both of the places to be covered; via an sms or ring tone (bell) we will alert you from any abnormal situation or unusual movement .

Telesurveillance We can facilitate you a direct and constant contact with a security company for an appropriate intervention in case of an abnormal situation in your estates, house, offices etc

Access control

Access control As it is always important to protect and control the access to your company, house or office etc; based on that we offer you three ways of access: • Pass word; • Access card • Finger print